My Daughter has danced at Ambition for the last 4 years and recently transitioned over to competition. She has gained confidence, strength, flexibility, and friendships that will last for years to come. The teachers and other students have become a second family to her. There's a large variety of classes for her to take and I love that Ambition lets you try a class first before commiting.

Tania - Mom of 9 year old

Ambition Dance Company has changed my life. Since my first day at this studio, I’ve felt welcomed and at home. My journey began when I was in third grade, and I’ve been a loyal student all the way through my senior year in high school. Ambition, to me, is a place where I find my strengths and weaknesses and a place where I escape into the music. Being apart of this family has taught me to never give up on myself and to persevere through any challenge I face. I wouldn’t be here today without my close friends and teachers at Ambition, and I wouldn’t want to be apart of any other studio.  

Courtney S.

 I have been dancing at Ambition for 11 years.  I have been competing for 10 of those years.  My competition years have probably been the most exciting, best years ever!  Ambition is a second home to me. I’ve grown up in the studio.  The girls I dance with are what I call the sisters I never had.  They are amazing.  And, the teachers...where do I begin?  They are the best ever.  They’ve shaped me into the person I am today.  I remember dancing with Sadie and now she is my teacher.  Thara has taught us all right from wrong.  She’s believed in us since day one.  I could not have asked for a better place to make my dance journey.  And now it’s bitter sweet to be moving to another better, bigger location.  I love them all to death and cannot wait.

Samantha S.

I have had the privilege of being a part of the Ambition Dance family since the studio opened its door in July of 2002.  My now 16 year old daughter was a three year old little girl just entering what would become a a very fulfilling dance experience.  We were new to the dance world but were welcomed with open arms and she became a member of the first competitive team Ambition offered.  Since this time her two sisters have followed in her footsteps.  We have loved every single minute of being at Ambition Dance.  The owner, Terry Freund, runs her studio with family values.  She cares for each of her students and shows great interest in making sure each student that walks thru her doors successeds, whether it is a tiny two year old afraid to enter her class for the first time or a veteran dancer mastering a new skill, Ms Terrys door is always open.  My girls have had the distinct pleasure of being part of many of Ms Thara Petropolous’s beautifully choreographed works of art.  Her pieces are always awe inspiring, and each piece tells a unique story that has more often then not  brought a tear to my eye and left me speechless. Her numerous awards for her outstanding choreography only begin to describe her brilliance.  Not every “choreographer” can also take a young child and “teach” them to dance.  Ms Thara has a rare gift, she is as amazing a teacher as she is a choreographer.  I have also been able to witness the career of Ms Sadie Patete.  I have been honored to be able to watch Ms Sadie grow from a promising recreational student, to then rise and become a leader of our competitive team  and now be an award winning choreographer for Ambition Dance.  She creates clever and fun routines that each of my children love to be a part of.  She is a wonderful teacher as well and has enhanced each one of my daughters dancing abilities.  My eldest daughter is nearing the end of her time at Ambition, getting ready to graduate in 2016, but it really speaks volumes for Ambition Dance that she, as well as many of her friends, made a commitment at the young age of 3 years old and never faltered from that commitment . Ambition Dance is not a place you just go to dance, you become part of a family. It is home.    

Stefanie A.

In my 11 years of dancing at ambition I have had an amazing experience. I have got to be able to do things I wouldn’t see my self doing in my whole life! I was given the pleasure to perform a dance in front of the soldiers and that was such a honoring moment. In the walls of ambition there isn’t just dancing that is happening in those walls friendships are being made I have found my self with so many new friends that mean everything to me if I never started dancing there I would not have ever met these people. One thing I love about all the teachers is they make sure they are positive to all of us. If we make a mistake they tell us how to fix it with positive answers if we do something really good they are sure to point it out so we know.never once have any of the teachers put me down and make me feel bad. My favorite thing about ambition the thing I love the most is we are not just a plain old dance studio who competes together. No,every single person has something that is unique about them and we are all one big happy family. We all love each other and we are always there for each no matter what. Those are the positive things and the stuff I love about Ambition Dance Company.

Courtney C.

I LOVE Ambition!   I have three dancers and have been a part of the Ambition family since 2006 when we moved here from out of state.   This is not just the place where my daughters dance it is their second home.  My oldest graduated  and is a Dance Major at Western Michigan University.  Her training at Ambition gave her the foundation that has lead her to advance to the heights level ballet at Western in just 1.5 years of schooling.  My second daughter is a senior this year and is planning on minoring in dance because she just cant see here life without it!  That is what Ambition does...... instills the LOVE of dance in their students!   I am so thankful that I trusted my dancers to Ambition and would do it again if I had to do it over!  Thank you Terry for your leadership.  Thank you Ms. Thara, Ms. Sadie, Avnun, Ms. Kayla and Sebastian for all you do for our students!  You don’t just teach dance..... you teach dancers to “live” dance!

Pam R.

My daughter has spent 15 of her 17 years on this planet dancing with the owners of Ambition Dance. And I know that it has shaped who she is as a person. Because of the commitment and passion for dance, Lexi has learned how to become an individual that can commit. Lexi has learned so much more than to dance; responsibility, teamwork, commitment, time-management are just some of the skills Ambition Dance has taught her. Most of all, Lexi has gained a family for life. The friendships and bond that this team shares is something that she could not have gained anywhere else. Thank you Ambition Dance! 

Kelly O.

Dancing at ambition has turned into something I never imagined would have such an impact on my life. Between all the friendships I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned from people is something I never thought I would be so thankful for. The teachers are some of the best at what they are doing. They care more about what were doing, and building discipline  while being a confidence boost when your having an off day. The people there are my family. I know I can go to anyone for help with issues I have and I can get help. Friendships I’ve made here are things that can never be replaced. Friendships though school are based upon classes and trying to fit it. While those ones come and go, dance is something I’ve always been able to rely on to make my day better if it hasn’t been going too great. The girls from dance don’t really have an option weather to hang out and be a team together because it’s what we’ve all committed to and no one wants to change that.

Mikayla F.

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