Recreational Dance

Ambition is a recreational dance studio.  While we do offer competition, our focus is on non-competitive classes.  We offer classes starting at age 2 through adults.


• We offer small class sizes with assistant instructors for personal attention. 

• Children need to feel accomplished and important. Our goal at Ambition is to build your child's confidence, self-esteem and coordination.  

• Many of our dancers have made some of their best friends in our dance classes because they share a common bond in their love of dance.  They develop friendships that often last a lifetime. 

• When you trust us to teach your child dance, we are not just teaching a dance class, we are also teaching life lesson such as listening skills, discipline such as wearing proper dance wear and showing up to class on time, making friends and learning how to work together.

• We offer a family orientated atmosphere where our students come first. 

• Children need to be active, and dance is a fun form of exercise!

• Opportunity to train for a serious career. The majority of our students that graduate with us go on and secure substantial college scholarships, work as a professional dancers, become instructors, and dance on cruise ships or work at Walt Disney World.

• We offer a family discount for families with 2 or more children. Our 10% discount will be applied to the child with the lowest tuition.  This discount will not be applied to competition classes, costumes or competition fees.

Our belief is that the art of dance should build not only physical and mental skills, but interpersonal skills as well.  Ambition promotes an environment to create friendships, build skills, character and still have FUN.  Many of our dancers have made some of their best friends in our dance classes because they share a common bond in their love of dance and develop friendships that often last a lifetime. 

We offer many styles of dance for boys and girls ages 2 through adults.  Some of our popular classes offered include: 2 yr. olds, Mini Tots, Kinder Combo, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Pointe, Tap, combination classes, Ballroom.  See our schedule for a list of classes and times.  If you desire a class that is not on our schedule please give us a call or email us. We would be happy to start a new class if possible.

Our 2-5year old classes are combined with a variety of styles.  This helps to keep our younger students attention and focus.  It also works on building their small and large motor skills, but also prepares them for school as our students learn many skills needed such as how to take turns, getting along in a structured class and also helps get a jump start on dealing with parent-child separation.

We also offer combination classes for all ages.  These are classes that offer 2-3 styles of dance within the class time.  This gives our students the chance to experience more than one style of dance and decide which one they like best.  It also creates a more well rounded dance education.

We also offer specialized classes such as drill team.  We know that many of our students desire to be on their drill team or dance team at their high school or college.  We can customize a class or private to prepare our students get on the team of their desire!  If you do not see your desired specialized class, please give us a call. We will gladly start one!

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